Features of UPIPE

  • 0% MDR, 0% transaction fees via UPIPE QR & Links
  • Collect Money in Current and Savings Accounts
  • No KYC / Verification Require to Collect Money in Business Current Account
  • Instantly Receive Money in Your Bank Account Without Waiting
  • UPI registration is Not require for QR code Generation

How to Generate UPI QR Code & Payment Links

  • Just Enter Your Name and UPI ID(VPA) or Bank Account No & IFSC Code & Click Generate to Create QR Code & UPI Payment Link
  • You can Create Customize Amount for UPI QR code and Payment Link too
  • You can Verify Payee in QR Code Generated by UPIPE QR & Links by scanning with Any Supported UPI Payment App
  • Money Get Transferred directly from Payer to Your Selected Account or Selected UPI ID only. UPIPE QR & Links only Generates Links as per NCPI specification & Does not act as facilitator of the Transaction

Issue With UPI Payment

  • if there is an issue with UPI Payment, You can Contact Your Bank to Raise complain. You can also contact UPI apps Support center for 3rd party UPI handles. Contact Details of UPI app can be found on NCPI website at Here
  • You can always contact NCPI for Reporting UPI Payment Related Issue. Click Here for NCPI Dispute Redressal Mechanism Page.
  • UPIPE QR & Links does not process any UPI Transaction & Does not Provide transaction related Support. You can always contact us by filling this Contact us form for reporting bugs, issue, misuse of features, Fraudulent usage of our tool, ect...

About UPI:

UPI means Unified Payments Interface. UPI is the the Banking System Developed by NCPI that Empowers Mobile Application to Make Peer to Peer & Peer to Merchant Transaction Unified & seamless manner. UPI is developed, Managed & Owned by National Payments Corporation of India.

Note: Always Verify Payee details/Name before making Any Payment.


UPIPE QR Links is Free Public Tools to Generate Payments Links & QR Codes. This APP does not Receive & Manage UPI payments for Individuals & Merchants, It Generates Links & QR code based on NCPI's URL specifications for UPI Transactions.

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